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  0. Introduction
  1. Phonology
  1.1. Vowels
  1.2. Consonants
  1.3. Contrasting Pairs
  1.3.1. Vowels
  1.3.2. Consonants
  1.4. Allophonic Distribution
  1.4.1. Vowels
  1.4.2. Consonants
  1.5. Distribution Of Phonemes
  1.5.1. Vowels
  1.5.2. Consonants
  1.6. clusters
  1.6.1. Two Consonant Clusters
  1.6.2. Three Consonant Clusters
  1.6.3. Four Consonant Clusters
  1.7. Syllable
  1.8. Sandhi
  1.8.1. External Sandhi
  1.8.2. Internal Sandhi
  2. Morphology
  2.1. Noun
  2.1.1. Gender Masculine Feminine
  2.1.2. Number Singular Dual Plural Masculine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Singular and Plural
  2.1.3. Pronoun Personal Pronoun First Person Singular First Person Plural Second Person Singular Second Person Plural Third Person Masculine Singular Third  Person Feminine Singular Third Person Plural Demonstrative Pronoun Indefinite Pronoun Interrogative Pronoun Self-act
  2.1.4. Case Agentive Case Accusative Case Dative Case Benefactive Case Locative Case Instrumental Case Sociative Case Genetive Case Ablative Case Vocative
  2.1.5. Numeral Cardinal Primary Numeral Derived Numeral Ordinals Fractions
  2.1.6. Post Position Noun Formation Verbal Noun
  2.1.7. Adjective Attributive Adjective Quantitative Adjective Numeral Adjective Demonstrative Adjective Adjectival Participle
  2.1.8. Degree Of Comparison Comparative degree Superlative Degree
  2.2 Verb
  2.2.1. Verb Classes Intransitive Verb Transitive Verb Causative Verb
  2.2.2. Verb Formation Verb Derive From Noun Verb Derived From Adjective and Quantifier
  2.2.3. Finite Verb Personal-Number-Gender First person Singular First Person Plural Other Person Singular Other Personal Plural Tenses Past Tense Non Past Tense Aspects Perfective Progressive Habitual Modal Imperative Desiderative (Permissive) Obligate
  2.2.4. Non-finite Verb Infinitive Conditional Temporal Relative Clause
  2.2.5. Negation
  2.2.6. Adverb Adverb of Time Adverb of Place of Direction Adverb of Manner
  2.2.7. The Verb 'be'
  2.2.8. Verb Paradigm
  3.1. Word order
  3.2. Noun Phrase
  3.3. Verb Phrase
  3.4. Concordance
  3.4.1. Subject Predicate  Condor dance
  3.4.2. Adjective-noun Concordance
  3.4.3. Determiner-Noun Concordance
  3.5. Conjunction
  3.5.1. Coordinating Conjunction Alternative Coordinating Conjunction
  3.5.2. Subordinating Conjunction
  3.6. Interrogation
  4. anles ga adiRa olo
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