Ordering is necessary because the change in the order will not derive the acceptable grammatical form2. If rule (10) is applied first, then assimilation is not possible because the output of (10) lacks the environment to bring about the change.


2.3.1. Vowels
       The vowel of the suffix is deleted when it is identical with the final vowel of the stem3.
      (11) Vi ® Ę/Vi--
    i denodtes that the vowel deleted and the vowel in the environment and identical.
diu + un® dium                   ‘these’
kama + a ® kama           ‘to (the) foot’

      Rule (12) predicts the environments in whiich s is deleted.
{      s      }
{             }
(12) s ® Ę/ {   { č } }
{ - {      } }
{    { ˛ } }

bos + s ®
bos                             ‘chirped’
zbris + ˛u® zbri˛u                        ‘wrifte (hon)’
s + čhatpa ® * atpa ® čatpa       ‘cut (tr)’



Tho data with * do not occur in the actual speech. It represents intermediate stage when a pair of ordered rulesapply in a derivation. The form catpa is not derived by the application of a single rule. Rather it involves the application of rules (5) and F(12).


Change in the order will produce form which is unacceptable.

           zgrums + čik
           zgrums + ik         (10)
          *zgrums + ik        (9) cannot apply
   *zagrumšik does not satissfy the condition required for the operatinn of rule (9).
There is no internal evidence to show that it is the vowel of the suffix that is deleted. It is possible to formulate the rule in such a way that the vowel of the stem is deleted.
     V     V
     1     2 ®
       Ę     2       when 1 and 2 are identical





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