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Part of a compound verb, there is no deletion (Ref.

Sequences, which are not topic chains, are subordinated for time specification by adding the appropriate adverbial.

Thus given the sentences


 /h1   wčd2   khd m3/
  I-Nom he-Dat reach-IF (1Sg) - Neg
  `I1   reached him2'


 /wé1     bócayąke2/
  he-Nom go-leave-T
  `he1    left2
the generation of a third structure needs the insertion of an adverb /haygõ/ `before’


 /h wéd2   khdm  hay4   4
  `he5    left6  before I1 could  reach him2

The lower NP, though identical, is not deleted because it is not nominative. Deletion, however,would have been possible if the higher NP were dative.

Coordination, as a principle for generation of sentences, is used only when a sequence of sentences have a common verb complex but different nominative NPs and invariably involves deletion of one of the nominals in the sentence, the coordination takes two forms.

Conjunction :
                                       S ® S1 + S2

Given the sentences which have a common verb complex and distinct non-identical nominative NPs as seen in the
two sentences


 /r  khāge2/
  Sun-Nom reach-Mov
  `Sun1   reached2


 /tamyā1   khge2/
  tiger-Nom reach-Mov
  `the  tiger1  reached2

we can generate a coordinate structure like (322) wherein, one of the verb complexes is deleted and each of the nominative NPs takes a marker /mu/ roughly meaning `also’.


 /rmu  tamyāmu2
  Sun-also-Nom tiger-also-Nom

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