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32 1.  lopüi1 ohi ci-e2omatie3 a-no4 pfoyi5 mono-lo-e6
    she1 is blind2, even then3 I4 married6 her6
  2.  idu1 ocü rü-e2matie3 ai4 ni5 he6 vu-e7
    it rained2 yesterday1 , even then3 I4 came7 to6 you (sg.)5
  3.  a1 he2 kasha3 ho-e4omatie5 ni-yi6 sokhro7 le8
    I1 have no4 money3 with2 me1, even then5 (I) will8 help7 you (sg.)6
  4.  a1 pfo2 koto-ho-e3omatie/sütoabumatie4 ayi5 kuki pi-e6
    my1 father 2 was poor3 , even then4 (he) brought6 me5 up6



molili marks a clause which expresses the result of the nonexecution of the action depicted by the mian clause. It translates into English as ‘otherwise’
33 1.  ni-la1 ni2 vo3 so4 to5 -i-lo4 molili6 opfo7 niyi8 ?9
    do4 your own1, 2 work3 nicely/properly5 . Otherwise6, (my) father 7
    will10 scold9 you (sg.)8
  2.  ota ta-lo1 molili2 ni3 koto hoi4 le5
    do cultivation1 , otherwise2 you (sg.)3 will5 become poor 4
  3.  he1 ko2 molili3 mara4 pi 5 hro-e6
    come2 here1 , otherwise3 (I) won’t6 give5 (you) gifts4
  4.  mikrüli1 mamüi zhü-e2 ana3 so4 lo/lu5 -*i-e4
    Imphal1 is beautiful2 , but3 is4 too 5 hot4



Introduction of the indirect question/choice/alternative into the subordinate clause is done either by parataxis or hypotaxis.

34  1. pfo-hi1 imemüi2 ho 3 (imemüi) mo-e4 ai5 6 mo-e7
    I1 don’t7 know6 whether0 he1 (is) (a) Mao Naga2 or3 not4
  2.  ai12 mo-e3 pfo4 vu5 ho6 vu le mo-e7
    I1 don’t3 know 2 whether0 he4 will come5 or 6 not7

    Hypotaxis is express subordination of one clause to another. This is marked by ono, which, following the mo ‘not’ of the subordinate clause, becomes mono
35 1.  pfo-hi1 imemüi2 ho3 (imemüi) mono4 ai56 mo-e7
    I5 don’t7 know6 whether4 she1 (is) (a) Mao Naga2 or 3 not4
  2.  ai12 mo-e3 pfo4 vu5 ho6 vu7 le8 mono9
    I1 don’t3 know2 whether9 he4 will8 come5, 7 or6 not
  3.  ni1 vu2 le3 ho4 vu5 le6 mono7 ai8 ta9 le10
    whether you(sg.)1 will3 come2 or 4 not7 , I8 will10 go9

Sentential Coordination
     Coordination is a relation of symmetry that holds between/among sentences, both or all of which are independent. Coordinating conjunction's whether they conjoin phrases or sentences, are the same viz. ye ‘and’ eno, ‘and’ which is dated and severely constrained in occurrence, and moli ‘or’
6.5. 1.  The conjunctive coordinator ye/eno ‘and’
36 1.  ni1 ico2 ta3 ye4 ai5 kono6 hata7 -lino8 vu9 le10
    you(sg.)1 go3 now2 and4 I5 will10 come9 next6 week7
  2.  a1 na2 khro-e3 ye4 osa so-e5
    my1 son/child2 is strong3 and4 tall5

    Note that in the second example above, the linguistic material that precedes ye is a sentence as borne out by the sentence marker -e so that ye can not be construed a conjunctive participalizer. The linguistic material which follows ye is a sentence too where the subject has undergone identity erasure. The conclusion : the sentence is in fact a compound sentence.

 pfo-no1 onamüi-yi-sü2 mihai3 pi-e4 { ye }5

lokhrumüisü6 asa-i-e7

{ *eno }


he1 gave4 the children2

sweets3 and 5 they6 were happy 7
4.  movuo-no1 ocu pe2 ye3 omüi hopfü4 ano pi-e5
  (the) headman1 spoke2 and3 all4 listened5

The disjunctive co-coordinator moli ‘or’


1. ni1 so-hio2 moli3 ai-no4 so5 le6
    you(sg.)1 do2 (it) or3 I4 will 6 (do)5


 ni1 pfo-yi2 da pi-o3 moli4 ai-no5 le6
    you(sg.)1 beat3 him2 or4 I5 will 6


 ni va1 ri-o2 moli3 ni4 thi-i5 le6
    you(sg.)1 get injected2 , or3 you(sg.)4 will6 die5


 ai-no1 ka-pe2 sübvü-o3 so-lo4 moli5 ni6 mazhi-i7 le8
    do4 as3 I1 said/say2 or5 you(sg.)6 will8 suffer7






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