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95. 1.  pfo1 ta2 -amoloe3
    he1 may/might3 go2
  2.  lopĆ¼i1 ni2 cĆ¼3 hu4 -amoloe5
    she1 may/might5 visit4 your (sg.)2 house3 as a guest 4
  3.  ico1 ocĆ¼ (i)rĆ¼2-amoloe3
    it may/might3 rain2 now1
  4.  a1 cĆ¼mĆ¼i2 sodu3 he4 bu5 -amoloe6
    my1 wife2 may/might6 be5 here4 tomorrow 3
  5.  a1 pfo2 ico3 khi vu4 -amoloe5
    my1 father 2 may/might5 return4 now 3
  6.  kholi1 izho2 khiboli3 kro 4 -amoloe5
    Kholi1 may/might5 go4 to Kohima 3 today 2
  7.  pfota1 ni-yi2 daha3 -amoloe4
    they (excl. pl.)1 may/might4 kill3 you 2
  8. ai1 ocĆ¼2 kali3 hrĆ¼4 -amoloe5
    I1 may/might5 buy4 a3 house2
  9.  kani1 kolamĆ¼i-pfo-na-i2 cĆ¼-vu 3 -amoloe4
    Katini1 may/might4 marry3 the plainsman2
  10.  oja-na-i 1 ni-yi2 larĆ¼bvĆ¼-na-i3 pi4 -amoloe5
    the teacher1 may/might5 give4 you 2 the book3
The Mood of Stressed Possibility
     This is expressed by v-e v where v = verb and v-e is the verb in the concessive mood, e being the concessive mood marker. Another mood viz. the mood of Unconcerned Neglect is also marked by v-e v. There are different contextual tests to tell one from the other. v-e v marks the mood of stressed Possibility if the sentence containing it can be followed by pe-loshĆ¼ ā€˜canā€™t sayā€™ whereas it marks the mood of Unconcerned Neglect if the sentence containing it can be followed by mali, a word expressive of the speakerā€™s care-a-hang attitude. Thus, the predicate in


1.  lokho1 larĆ¼ amodo2 -li3 zhĆ¼-e zhĆ¼-ie4
    ā€˜lokho studies -in be good-one be good-VR-sntmrkrā€™
    illustrates the mood of Stressed Possibility if it can be followed by pe-loshü
    ā€˜canā€™t sayā€™.


 lokho1 larĆ¼ amodo2 -li3 zhĆ¼-e zhĆ¼-ie4 pe-loshĆ¼5
    it is possible that 4 Lokho1 has done well4 at3 studies2 . Canā€™t say5
    it illustrates the mood of unconcerned neglect if it can be followed by mali.


 lokho1 larĆ¼ amodo2 -li3 zhĆ¼-e zhĆ¼-ie4 mali5
    whether or not 4 Lokho1 is good4 at or has done well4 at3 studies2
    is his business4 : I care a hang 5
    More examples of the mood of Stressed Possibility follow :
  2.  sibo-no1 hayi2 sho-e sho-ie3 (pe-loshĆ¼e)4
    it is possible that3 Sibo1 drank3 ricebeer2 (canbā€™t say4 )
  3. lophro1 larĆ¼2 phro-e phro ta3 le4 (pe-loshĆ¼e)5
    it is possible that3 Lohro1 will4 read/study3 (canā€™t say)5
  4.  pfo1 krĆ¼-e sĆ¼ krĆ¼ ta-i2 le3 (pe-loshĆ¼/so-loshĆ¼e)4
    it is possible that2 he1 will3 separate (from us)2 , canā€™t say/canā€™t do
    anything (=canā€™t help)4
  5.  ocĆ¼1 rĆ¼-e (sĆ¼) rĆ¼-i le2 (pe-loshĆ¼e) 3
    it is possible that it1 will2 rain1, (canā€™t say3 )
  6.  adoni1 odo2 -li3 ho-e ho ta-ie4 (pe-loshĆ¼e)5
    It is possible that4 Adani1 has gone4 to3 (the) field2 , (canā€™t say)5
  7. pfota1 thi-e sĆ¼ thi-ie2 (pe-loshĆ¼e)3
    it is posible that2 they (excl. pl.)1 died2 , (canā€™t say)3
The Thwarted Desiderative
The Thwarted Desiderative mood expresses the unfulfilled desire of the subject. It is signaled by -i suffixed to the future tense marker and presupposes a thwarting condition which has to be specified in the following typically disjunctive sentence.


1.  ai1 imela2 graamar3 kali4 rĆ¼5 le-ie6 (ana)7 nita8 sokokhro9 ni10 mo-ie11
  I1 wanted to6 write5 a4 grammar3 of Mao Naga2 (but)7 (I) didnā€™t11 get10
  your (excl. pl.) 8 help9
  2.  alemo-no1 ovo2 hrĆ¼3 le-ie4 (ana)5 hehi6 ohrĆ¼ kazhĆ¼7 kaliko0 hoe8
    Alemo1 wanted to4 buy3 (a) pig2 (but)5 there is no8 good, fleshy 7
    (pig) here 6
  3.  pfo1 hayi2 sho3 le-ie4 (ana)5 paishe-no6 ho-e7
    he1 wants to4 drink3 ricebeer2 , (but) 5 there is no7 money6






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