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odzü  ‘in front’
    odzü-li1 ko-lo2 go/come2 in front1
    a1 dzü-li2 ko-lo3 come3 /in front of 2 me 1


odzüno ‘before’
    ai1 ni2 dzüno3 ta4 le5
    I1 will5 go4 before3 you (sg.)2
    pfo1 mikrüli2 a3 dzüno4 lo ri-ie5
    he1 reached/went5 to Imphal2 before4 me3


ohi  ‘after’
    ai1 pfo2 hi-no3 vu4 le5
    I1 will5 go4 after3 him2
    a-hikho1 hi-no2 a*hie-no3 ta4 le5
    who3 will5 go4 after2 Athikho1


ole  ‘inside’ (the second example illustrate ole as a noun)
    inai1 larübvü2 le-li3 bue4
    that1 is4 inside3 (the) book2
    inai1 ole-li2 bue3
    that1 is3 inside2


oko  ‘between’
    onao-no1 ali2 ko-li3 bue4
    (the) child1 is4 between3 we two2
    pfo1 pfo2 ahi)3 ko-li-no4 26 bue5
    his1 father2 is5 in between4 we two3


 pu-he ‘beside ; adjacent’
  kahi) ‘farthest (of the tour)’
    hebve ‘nearest (second to pu-he)’
    he-no ‘near’



One informant ventured the suggestion that ko-li-no marks a negative barrier and ko-li marks a positive link.


larücü pu-he


    kahĩ he


    kahi) he

The Numeral
The numeral system in Mao is decimal. Words denoting the concepts of one through ten which constitute the set of basic cardinals, of hundred, thousand and not commonly used words expressing the concepts of twenty thousand, million, billion, trillion and thousand thousand trillion are all absolute forms.
The Cardinal
  The basic cardinals are      
543.  kali ’ ‘one’ caca ‘eight
  kaxi/kahĩ/kahüi   ‘two’ coku ‘nine’
  kosü ‘three’    
  padi ‘four’    
  pongo ‘five’ cüro 27 ‘ten’
  coro ‘six’    
  cani  ‘seven’    


  maküi ‘twenty’ nga ‘billion’
  kri ‘hundred’ tsü ‘trillion’
  hiu ‘thousand’  ka ‘thousand thousand
  zu ‘million ’   ‘trillion’
Decades other than (the absolute) maküi ‘twenty’ are formed by prefixing ri ‘ten’ to the basic cardinals, the initial syllable of padi ‘four’ being optionally and those of cani ‘seven’ caca ‘eight’ and coku ‘nine’ being obligatorily morphophenomically deleted.



This is the standard form which also has the sanction of biblical use. Other possible but nonpreferred forms are cia/cüa (and cüo ?)

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