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In the attributive noun phrase attributes can be added to the genitival noun phrase.

1. kì mhm my good house
my house good

2. n kákò nì your two books
your book two

The structure of the attributive noun phrase is as follows :
+ Gen + N + Adj + Quantifier + Numeral + Plural Marker + Case. Co-ordinate noun phrase :
  A co-ordinate noun phrase consists of two or more nouns or noun phrases which are linked by a co-ordinating connective. The Connective may be either a conjunctive i.e. sì or tnà or the disjunctive mkán literally meaning ‘if not’, these connectives are added between the nouns.

1. lóyrhpóyrhrò              girl and boy
girl and boy

2. fsì óntrò                        dog and cat
dog and cat

3. sì npó                              my father and your
my father and your father father  

4. n mkán ny                          I if not you
i if not you

5. ¢ mkán kìc                      this house if not that
house this if not house that

6. mpn tn he and I
he and i

5.2.2. Predicate phrase :
  A predicate phrase may consist of a verb which is its nucleus and/or a noun preceded by a negative marker and an attributive like adverb and followed by some other elements. These elements can be tense marker, mood marker, aspect marker and other modifiers like may, must etc.


1. -n ótsì ts-là I shall eat rice
I-nom rice eat-present
2. -n ótsì ts-th I have eaten rice
I-nom rice eat-perfect marker
3. mp-n hnrì ts-v He will eat bread
he-nom berad neg. eat-fut. He will eat bread
4. mp-n hnrì n-ts-v He will not eat bread
he-nom bread eat-fut.
5. -n thà yÜá-là I run quickly.
I-nom quickly run-present
6. -n ts-nr -là I must eat
I nom eat must-present
7. -n w-kk-là  I may go
I-nom go-may-present

 Structure of the predicate phrase is as follows ;
+ Noun + Neg + Adverb + verb + Aspect + mood + Tense

  5.3. Clause :
  A clause consists of a group of words that forms part of a sentence and has a subject and predicate of its own. The structure of a clause in Lotha is as follows :

+ Neg. + Noun + Adverb = V + Aspect + Tense .
Clause is of two types, (1) Main clause (2) Subordinate clause.







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