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5.3.1. Main Clause :
  Main Clause is one which is independent and can stand by itself.

1. mp-n ótsì ts-chò kh w-chò
he-nom rice eat-past and river go-past
    He ate rice and went to river

2. -n kákò mhm mótsà kh-chò slò ótsì ts-chò
I-nom book good a read-past after rice-eat past
   I read a good book and ate rice after.

In sentence no.1 mpna ótsì tschò is the main clause. In sentence no. 2. n kákò mhm móts>à khchò is the main clause.

1.3.2. Subordinate Clause :
  Subordinate clause is one which is not independent and cannot stand by itself.

-n kth ótsì ts-vn-chò np-n k r-chò
I-nom when rice eat-past duration she-nom my house come past.

When I was eating rice she came to my house.

In the above sentence ‘when I was eating rice i.e. ¡-n¡ kth ótsì tsv¡nchò is the subordinate clause which is dependent on the main clause i.e. npn kì r-chò.


5.4. Co-ordination :
  In Lotha co-ordination is done by the co-ordinating conjunction i.e. sì or tn.


mp-n kákò c kh-chò pá-chò
he-nom book the read-past and sleep-past.
He read the book and slept.


5.5. Sentence :


 Bloomfield1 defines a sentence as "an independent linguistic form, not included by virtue of any grammatical construction in any larger linguistic form".

  5.5.1. Sentences can be classified into different types on two grounds,
  1. According to their function 2. According to their structure.
According to the function, sentences can be classified into 1. Statements 2. Questions 3. Commands, such types have been dealt in the section of Verb morphology (4.5.).

According to the structure, sentences can be classified as follows :

1. Simple 2. Complex 3. Compound Simple sentence :
  A simple sentence is one which has only one subject and one predicate.

1. mp-n ótsì ts-là He eats rice
he-nom rice eat-pres

2. n-n np hà-là You see her
you-nom her see-pres. Complex sentence :


A complex sentence consists of one main clause and one or more subordinate clauses.

1. n-n clò vn-chò khtlà y tvn-chò
you-nom there were but quite were
You were there but you kept quite.


1. Bloomfied, L. Language, Delhi, Motilal Banarasi Das, 1963 First published in Great Britain in 1935, pp.170.








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