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frò mhm tn       group of good dogs
dog good quantifier

If a numerical modifier is used with the quantitative modifier the order is rigid and numerical modifier always come in the end.

frò mhm tn nì      two groups of good dogs
dog good qualifier two

If the case marker is used it is added in the end to the whole noun phrase.

ótù tsphv cálónà    from the big trees
tree big pl. from

If the genitive is added to the noun, it always occurs before the noun, all other modifiers follow the noun.

frò      ‘my dog’
my dog
The structure of the noun phrase is as follows :
+ Genitive + Noun + Attributive (s) + Number + Case (non-genitive) Attributive Noun Phrase :      
  This consists of a head noun followed by one or more attributes. When the head noun is followed by the attributes, the attribute that follows the noun can be an adjective, numeral, a quantifier or demonstrative or an article.

1. thrà mhm good flower
flower good
2 fthm three dogs
dog three
3. frò tn group of dogs
dog quantifier
4. this house
house this
5. kákò c the book
book the

  As explained in the noun phrase, in the attributive noun phrase also more than one attribute can occur at the same time.
kákò   tsphv    mhm    cá    big good books
book   big            good     pl

Attributive noun phrase in which the attribute precedes the head noun is always a genitival phrase.


my house
n your house
mp his house
np her house
nt their house
More than one noun can occur in the attributive noun phrase in the genitival relationship.

1. pó kì                my father’s house
my father house
2. n khmò kì       your friend’s house
your friend house







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