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added certain changes take place in the base forms. Such cases have been listed in the section on morphophonemics. (Chapter 3)

1. cà deep c---  depth
2. ékìà dry ékì dryness
3. lárà cheap  lár-ù cheapness
4. sphà big sph greatness
5. nzn kind nzn-ù kindness Abstract nouns :
  These are derived by the addition of noun forming suffix -th to the noun base.

1. nhóri               child
    nhórì-th     child hood

2. póy rhórò             boy
póyrhóròth           boy hood

In the fast speech, the derived nouns are pronounced with-out the final syllable of a base noun.

1. nhórìth      as nhóth
2. póyrh óròth    as póyrhóth

  4.10. Word compounding :
  A compound word is defined as the combination of two or more words to form a new word. In

Lotha, compounding is more common among the nouns.

Some of the compound words of Lotha are as follows :

1. thràykò    garland
    thrà         ‘flower’ , ykò -necklace’ when combined it gives the meaning i.e. ‘garland’

  2. sáròc     ‘milk’
    sárò         ‘breast’, c ‘water’ when combined it gives the meaning ‘milk’

3. sc       ‘tears’
    s          ‘grief’, c ‘water’ when combined it gives the meaning ‘tears’

 4. cénrà      ‘bed bug’
     cén        ‘bed’, rà ‘worm’, when combined it gives the meaning ‘bed bug’.







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