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When -n is used to negate the non-imperative verbs, use of present tense marker is optional.

1. -n ótsì n-ts-là
   -n ótsì n-ts
I do not eat rice

Bound Negative:
  2. -n kákò mótsà kh-là
I-nom book a read-pres
   I read a book
   -n kákò mótsà n-kh-là
I-nom book a neg-read-pres
   I do not read a book
   -n kákò mótsà n-kh

3. -n kákò mótsà ¢à
I-nom book a have
   -n kákò mótsà nl
I-nom book a neg-have
   I do not have a book

In the example number 3 the final à of là is dropped
Examples (for past)
1. -n ótsì ts-chò
I-nom rice eat-past
   I ate rice
   -n ótsì n-ts-chò
I-nom rice neg-eat-past
   I did not eat rice

2. mp-n kàkò mótsà kh-chò
He-nom book a read-past
    mp-n kàkò mótsà n-kha-chò
    He-nom book a neg-read-past
He did not read a book

  3. np-n lhì c tsh-chò
She-nom work the do-past
      She did the work
      np-n lhìc n-tsh-chò
      She-nom work the neg-do-past
      She did not do the work

4. -n kákò mótsà lí-chò
I-nom book a have-past
   I had a book
   -n kákò mótsà n-lí-chò
I-nom book a neg-have-past
   I had a book

 When the verb is used to negate the non-imperative forms of verbs, use of past tense marker is obligatory as shown in the above examples.

Examples (for future)
1. -n ótsì ts-v
I-nom rice eat-future
   I shall eat rice
   -n ótsì n-ts-v
I-nom rice neg-eat-future
   I shall not eat rice

2. mp-n nkì r-v
He-nom your house come-future
    He will come to your house
    mp-n nkì n-r-v
He-nom your-house neg-come-future
    He will not come to your house

3. -n kákò mótsà lì-v
I-nom book a have-future
   I shall have a book







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