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2. -n óc yá-vn-chò
I-nom water drink-durative-past
   I was drinking water

The final vowel of the durative marker -vn is dropped when used in the past tense. Present durative :
1. mp-n -tn pá-vn-là
He-nom day-all sleep-durative-present
    He is sleeping all the day

2. -n óc yá-vn-là
I-nom water drink-durative-present
    I am drinking water

4.5. Mood :
  Mood expresses the speakers point of view about the occurrence of the event. It is the mode or manner which is used to express a statement, a command, a question or doubt.

4.5.1. Indicative
  Simple declarative sentences indicate this mood. There is no separate marker for this.

1. -n -k w-chò
I-nom my-house go-past
I went to my house

2. mp-n ótsì ts-là
He-nom rice eat-present
    He eats rice or He is eating rice

  4.5.2. Imperative :
  It is used to express a command. There are two imperative markers,
1, -tà 2. -à
-tà occurs with the verbs which end in a consonant, -à occurs with the verbs which end in a vowel.

Examples for -ta
1. sáv to rule sá-tà rule
2. zv to look z-tà look
3. s¡v to catch s¡-tà catch
4. khv to sweep kh-tà sweep
Examples for -a
1. pn to carry in hand pn-à carry
2. témò to sing a song tém-à  singa song
3. z to count z-à count
4. pkù to strike pk-à strike
5. sáárù to dance sáár-à dance

4.5.3. Interrogative :


  Sentences in the interrogative mood expresses a question. This is expressed in the following ways :
1. By using the Question word before the verb
2. By using the Question word after the verb.

Examples for (1)
1. n-n ntyó ts-là ?
You-nom what eat-present
    What do you eat ?

 2. mp-n kth phánthyá-là ?
He-nom when get-present
     When does he get up ?

3. n-n rlì kmóy rhmá-là ?
you-nom rail which catch-present
    Which train do you catch ?

Examples for (2)
1. -n óts ts-alò ?
I-nom rice eat-Interr.
   Shall I eat rice ?







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