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1. mp-n ótù kpá-là
he-nom tree-under sleep-pres
He sleeps under the tree

2. mp-n kì pónì-ná ckc-chò
he-nom house top from jump-past
He jumped from the top of the house

3.11. Numerals : General remarks :
  Lotha has decimal numeral system. The basic cardinal numerals from one to ten, twenty, fifty, hundred and thousand are monomorphemic. The other numerals are derived from compounding the basic cardinal numerals.
  3.11.1. Cardinals
The basic cardinals are as follows
khà/mótsà one
thm three
m four
mò five
trók six
tíyì seven
t eight
t nine
tárò ten
myúyù twenty
tñán fifty
nzà hundred
th thousand

 The numbers eleven to nineteen are formed by compounding, in which the first member would be the numberal expressing ‘ten’ and the second member would be any one of the cardinal numberals, i.e. one to nine. The numeral for ‘ten’ is tárò. Compound numerals from eleven to nineteen are as follows :

tárò khà eleven
10 + 1 11
in the same way
tárò twelve
tárò thm thirteen
tárò m fourteen
tárò mò fifteen
tárò trók sixteen
tárò tíyì seventeen
tárò t eighteen
tárò t nineteen
For twenty one, thirty one etc., compounding is done by adding the basic cardinals to the respective basic forms of twenty, thirty etc. given below.

my£kyù twenty
th«$mrò thirty
z«Ü forty
tiµán fifty
rókrò sixty

Of these numerals of multiples of tens, thirty, forty and sixty are bimorphemic and are composed as 3 x 10, 4 x 10, 5 x 10, 6 x 10 respectively as given below.







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