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vari ‘should not come’
klem  ‘do’
klemtalo  ‘finished going’
klem-napo ‘will have to do’
arjap ‘stand’
parjap  ‘make someone stand’
carjap ‘stand oneself’
ceparjap ‘make someone stand oneself’

ni ‘heart (N)’
va ‘come (v)’
ha ‘ask (V)’
niVa ‘vomit (v)’
niha ‘wish (V)’
ke  ‘leg (N)’
phú ‘head (N)’
kephu  ‘knee’
tot ‘sit (v)’
tot lun  ‘sit alone (V)’
porhe ‘read (V)’
joy ‘be easy (V)’
porhejoy  ‘be easy to read (V)’
co ‘eat (V)’
me ‘be good (V)’
come  ‘be good to eat (V)’

klem ‘do (V)’
keklem ‘doing (VN)’
va ‘come (V)’
keva ‘coming (VN)’
the ‘be big (V)’
kethe ‘big (Adj.)’
di ‘be tall (V)’
kidi ‘tall (Adj.)’

vaVerve ‘do not come always’
VaVe  ‘do not come’
damde ‘do not go’
klem kle ‘do not do’
damdamri ‘should not go again and again (Imp.)’

itur ‘lip’
turber ‘lower lip’
turthak ‘upper lip’

Nominals are those root morphemes which take or are capable of taking case affixes and other nominal affixes. Verbal nouns and agent nouns are also included under nominals, because they take nominal affixes - though they are derived from verb roots.



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