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The adverbs which form part of the verb stem can be an independent verb or adverb.
co ‘eat’
ihu ‘steal’
co-ihu ‘eat secretly’
carlipame ‘study well’
ni jepejonon ‘speak slowly’
tot  ‘sit’
totham ‘sid inside a hollow ting’
tot-cok ‘sit alone (lean person)’

Derived Adverbs

The derived adverbs are derived from adjectives or nouns by adding the adverbial suffix -pen.
la ahukpen hem dolo
‘he lives happily in the house’
hala kicirpen carlilo
‘he studies carefully’
alali achotpen hiklo
‘he (Hon.) speaks wisely’
ne kederchi valo
‘I came late’
gari homoypen dam
‘the train goes in time’
Particles are morphemes which are added to both the classes of words, viz., nouns and verbs. The conjunctions and disjunctions are also included here.

vet :
It excludes a person or an event from others or shows selectiveness towards the things. It has a variant pet.
inutpet ~ inutvet ‘one person only’
nepet ~ nevet ‘I only’
totvet  ‘sit alone only’

also expresses the same meaning.

etum emek hini nat ‘our eyes are two only’

ta : It includes a person or an event.
bahinita ‘two persons also’
tumita neli va?ik  ‘I came yesterday also’

le :
It confirms a person or an event.
tumi neli va?ikle ‘I did come yesterday’
nele kam keklem kali ‘it is me who is not working’

jo :
It indicates permission.
ne la ke?anjo ‘I did come yesterday also’

ko :
It expresses definiteness.
na doko apotchi la nijedetlo

‘because you stay (Def.) he did not speak’

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