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Derived Adverbs Modifying Adjectives/Adverbs
There are a few adverbs in Hmar that modify adjectives or other adverbs in the sentence. They are, of course, very few in number. Given below are few examples:
/á hà tàlúo/ ‘it is very good’
/á l:n hrá:t tàlúo/ ‘he walks very fast’
/à thíem tàlúo/ ‘(he) is very expert’
/à m:i é:m è:m/ ‘it is very beautiful’
Degree of Adverbs
Like the adjectives, adverbs in Hmar also show inflection for comparative and superlative degrees. Both are accomplished by suffixation. The following examples could be seen :

Eng. Gl.



/hrá:t/ ‘fast’ /hrát-lèm/ /hrá:t-tàk/
/múo/ ‘slow’ /múo-lém/ /múo-ták/
/múocá:/ ‘slowly’ /múocá:lèm/ /múocá:lèm’
/múoácá:ín/ ‘slowly and slowly’  /múocá:lè- mìn/ /múocá:tàkìn/
/hrá:tn:ììn/ ‘weakly’ /hrá:tn:lèmìn/ /hrú:tntàkìn/
/dámté:ìn/ ‘gently’ /dámté:tè:ìn > dámlémìn/ /dámdéutàkìn/
More Examples :

/múocá:tàkìn/ ‘slowly’
/hrá:ttàkìn/ ‘strongly’
/ìnrátàkìn/ ‘quickly’
/ình:nìktákìn/ ‘sweetl’, ‘soundly’
/riúmtàkìn/ ‘faithfully’
/múocá:tàk lèmìn/ ‘more slowly’
/hrá:t lèmìn/ ‘more strongly’
/ìnrá lèmìn/ ‘more quickly’
/ình nìk lèmìn/ ‘more sweetly’
/ríùm lèmìn/ ‘more faithfully’
/a múocá:thèi át:pìn/ ‘as slowly as possible’
/á hrà:thèi át:pìn/ ‘as strongly as possible’
/á:nràthèi á t:pìn/ ‘as quickly as possible’
/á:nhnìk thèi à t:pìn/ ‘as sweetly as possible’
/a rìùm thèi à t:pìn/ ‘as faithfully as possible’
Note :
I the superlative form, /t:pin/ may be alternately substituted by /tàkin/ to indicate a state slightly less superlative than the former form. This sub-division within the superlative is a specialty of Hmar.
Functions of Function words
Since Hmar has developed a fully in inflectional system, the role of function words in this language is very important both morphologically and syntactically. As has been seen from the foregoing sections function words are extensively used for the realisation of of verious morphological forms. It has also been seen that function words play equally significant roles in the realisation of various syntactic relations.

Sometimes some function word carries the case markers, and the whole combination of a function word and in case-suffix together make up one post position and follows the nouns. In some cases, the function words themselves perform some grammatical functions and follow the nouns or verbs directly without some other elements affixed to them.

Function words in this language generally occur post positionally.

Function words with Case   functions
The use of the important function words that manifest case function could be illustrated as under:







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