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1. Verbs
  a. Simple Verbs
  b. Complex Verbs
  c. Compound Verbs
2. Adverbs
The verb system in Hmar is very simple. It is not inflectional but analytical.
3.3.1 Simple Verbs
The simple verbs in Hmar are identical with the simple verb roots as the verbs in Hmar do not undergo any kind of inflection by affixation. The simple verbs are represented by the simple presentence indicative mood verb forms.
Person and Rank
The simple verbs in Hmar do not manifest person. For all grammatical persons the same forms of verbs are used. Rank distinctions like honorific, non-honorific etc. do not exist in Hmar.
The simple verbs in Hmar do not show any gender distinction too. Whether the subject noun is masculine or feminine has no bearing on the verb forms. So is the case with the object verb agreement in terms of gender. The verb does not change even if the gender of the object noun is changed. In other words, same forms of the verbs are used with the subject as well as the object belonging to either masculine or feminine gender.
Tense, Aspect and Mood
The simple verbs in Hmar do not manifest any tense. It have no bound morphemes or affixes to represent tense. The same forms of the verbs occur in all tenses. Similarly Simply verbs neither manifest aspect nor mood.In the absence of any tense, aspect or modal affixes, the simple verbs inveriably represent simple present tense indicative mood verb forms.
Table of Conjugation
A table of conjugation of some common verbs is given below so as to understand their when they occur with subject pronouns of different grammatical persons.
Person  Personal  th  ‘do’    fà:k  ‘eat’   hú  ‘come’    nìh ’be’
1p       ka/kan    th   ‘I do’  fà:k  ‘I eat’  hú  ‘I come’ hìh ‘I am’
2p       í/ín     th  ‘you do’ fà:k ‘you'   hú     ‘you'   nìh  ‘you
eat              come’         are’
3p     à/àn      th    ‘he/she  fà:k  ‘he'  hú  ‘he/she' nìh  ‘he/she'
does’            she’          comes’           is’                                                                                         ‘they
Transitively of the Simply Verbs
In Hmar, some verbs are intransitive and some are mono transitive and some are ditransitive. But this line of divide has no bearing on the verb-forms. This, however, is relevant in the case infection of the subject NP.
Complex Verbs
The complex verbs in Hmar are identical with the derived verb stems. In other words, derived verb stems, without any inflection, function as the verb forms. centrally such verb stems are the causative verb stems derived from simple, non-causative ones. This derivation is a bi-directional process; {in-} is prefixed and {-tir} is suffixed to the non-causative verb roots concurrently. The derived verb stems behave for all partial purposes kike simple verb roots







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