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3rd person pronoun and form of ‘be’ verbroot follows which could be optionally deleted.
/bnénè á hà/ ‘milk is good’
(milk) (this) (good)
/náupá cù á hà á nìh/
(boy) (the)(he)(good)(a)(is) ‘the boy is good’
/ín cù a:nsà/  ‘the building is tall’
(house) (the) (it is ) (tall)
/ín ìnsà: a nìh/ ‘It is a tall building’
(house) (tall) (it is)
/lampùi à séi á nìh/ ‘the road is long’
(road) (this)(long)(it is)  
/pènsíl cù à t:í á nìh/ ‘the pensil is short’
(pensil)(the)(it)(short) (it is)
But it is also possible to have the adjectives in such expressions attributively forming part of the NP in the subject slot and separate the verb. Examples:
/náupá hà á nìh/ ‘the boy is good’ or,
(boy) (good)(it is)
/ín ìnsa á nìh/ ‘the building is tall’ or
(building) (tall)(it is)
Adjectives of Comparison
Hmar interestingly, like Sanskrit and partly like English, inflects adjectives for comparative and superlative degrees by suffixation. Given below are the few examples:


/ìnsá:/ ‘tall’
/cí:n/ ‘small’
/hrá:t/ ‘strong’
/lìen/ ‘big’
/tám/ ‘many/large numbers’


/ìnsá:-lém/ ‘taller’
/cí:n-lem/ ‘smaller’
/hrá:t-lem/ ‘stronger’
/lìen-lém/ ‘bigger’
/tám-lèm/ ‘larger’


/ìnsá:-ták/ ‘tallest’
/cí:n-ták/ ‘smallest’
/hrá:t-tàk/ ‘strongest’
/lìen-ták/ ‘biggest’
/tám-tàk/ ‘largest’
It forms larger constructions by adding post positions which may mean super superlative. In such constructions, the 2nd constuent is a post position which is again repeated, in some cases partically, as the 3rd constituent.
/hrá:t-cù-hnù/ ‘stronger than strongest’
/ìnsá:-cú-hnù/ ‘higher than high-test’
/ìnhnúoi-tp-khk/ ‘lower than lowest’
Two categories of content class of words could be discussed under the other mojor word-class ‘Verbals’. Of these, the former, from the formal point of view, could be divided into 3 sub categories. Thus, the ‘Verbals’ category of word-class would be represented as under:







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