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Length ow vowel plays an important role in Hmar. All vowels except /o:/ have both short and long varieties. Their conditions of occurrences are not predictable.
// is also a special feature in Hmar. This low-mid vowel is so raised that it approximates /o/. In the speech of some section of the speakers it sounds like a vowel cluster /ou/. This is perhaps because of the reading pronunciation of the writing convention of Hmar introduced by the missionaries. Since the writing convention uses /aw/ the elite section of the people have been sub-consciously influenced and they pronounce it as /ou/.
Hmar does not have voiced aspirated stops. The retroflex and velar series even donot have the voiced unaspirated counterpart [c] is the sole alveo-palatal sound. There are no aspirated and voiced counterparts of the stops.
2.8.4. Labio-dental fricatives are preculiar to Hmar
// in Hmar has word-initial occurrence, and is very common. In addition to the examples given before the following additional examples could be seen:
/úntàkin/ ‘deligently’
/úl/          ‘post’
r/           ‘hard’
/h/ plays a very significant role in Hmar. It forms clusters with most of consonants occurring either as the first or the second member. It also forms clusters as the first member of clusters which again could occur in word-initial position. When it occurs in between /t/ and /l/ it loses its aspirate quality and carries a hissing sound that accompanies the two consonants. When it occurs in word final positions it presents an abrupt syllable cut.

3.1 Identification of word classes
On the basis of the grammatical charecteristics the words in Hmar could be classified as under :
Content class of words,    and
Function class of words.
3.1.1 Content Class
The content class of words are those that have specific semantic contents. Each member of this class is a meaningful expression of word in itself. Such expressions or words, if picked up from a discourse and looked into them in isolation, will have distinct meaning and such meaning shall be constant throughout the discouse.
The content class of words could be discussed under the following sub-categories.
Simple verbs including Adjectives used as verbs







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