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Hmar is distinct in possessing a good stock of indigenous vocabulary. It is interesting to note that it possesses a host of words to refer to various kinds of ailment many of which are known to other developed Indian languages by their western names only. Hmar is equally rich in having a good collection of words to name various insects, plants and herbs which are unfamiliar to the neighboring Dimasa and Meithei languages. It has its own words for various expressions concerning law and administration whereas other Indo Aryan languages of the region have only borrowed Perso-Arabic words for such expressions. Hmar, of course, has borrowed in recent times few words from Hindi for the for the purpose of trade and commerce.
Hmar is characterised by not giving up much of its features by convergence. Its convergence with Assamese and Bengali, the neighboring Indo-Aryan languages is almost nil. Its convergence with Dimasa, Jaintia, Mikir, Meithei and various Naga dialects of the parent Tibeto-Burman stock is also indistinct. It has neither taken much nor given any of the linguistics characteristics to the languages of the surrounding areas. This has happened perhaps because of the discrete pattern of habitation of the Hmars specially in Assam and Manipur coupled with their conscious efforts of maintaining linguistic identity and a strong sense of self assertion.
It is hoped that this Grammar would go a long way in capturing the structure of the standard Hmar. It might also inspire the young elite Hmars to come forward to prepare a standard Dictionary in Hmar and generate creative literature. With the publication of this Grammar the institutional efforts or writing primers in Hmar for Primary education under Operation Blackboard are expected to attain a refinement and they would percolate to the writing of text books of national standard for middle and high schools. All these together must inspire the native Hmars to write scientific texts and other technical materials in the near future.







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