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Like the initial clusters, clusters of two consonants at the most can also occur in the final position. There are very few consonants which can form cluster in this position. Four types of clusters are found in this position.


C2 is stop and C1 is either a homorganic nasal or a fricative.



C1 is either of /r, l/ and C1 is a stop or a nasal or a fricative. And /r/ occurs more freely in such clusters.



C1 is /,,/ and C2 is /n,d,k/ but /k/ and /d/ are very restricted as these occur only with /¸/


C1 is a voiceless fricative and C2 is a dental stop /t/.

Following are the examples:







‘an exercise’












‘self posing leader’


























‘itch, scabies’






‘to do’










‘knowledge, carefulness’




‘a centipede’





‘to catch’


 ‘to fight’




‘to listen’


‘to count’


‘husband’s sister’





‘to finish’


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