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Initial clusters are described first below, then the final clusters and lastly the medial clusters. Clusters of two consonants in all the positions are given on a chart also.  Initial clusters:  
As stated above in the initial position the clusters of two consonants can occur at the most. There are phototoxic constrains on the first member and the second member. Only three consonants viz. /r w y/ can occur in the second position. /r/ forms a cluster only with stops whereas /w y/ form a cluster with stops. nasals, lateral and fricatives occurring in the initial position. /w y/, do not form a cluster with aspirated stops.
A few examples are :

Stop + /r/

/prit/  ‘love’
/préj/  ‘abstinence’
/phroo/  ‘boil’
/tr ‘three’
/trki/  ‘spoiled’
/drogo/ ‘watchman, shepherd’
/drindo/  ‘wild animal’
/krù/  ‘rub’
/krũ/  ‘mulberry’
/grã/  ‘village’


Stop + /y/ 
/pyao/  ‘cup’
/pya ‘to cause to drink’
/byaj/  ‘interest’
/tyar/  ‘ready’




‘(may) give’(


‘shall go’(II & III p.


‘name for the third month’.

Nasal + /y/




‘wife of the barber, a lady

from barber caste’

Fricative + /y/

/syai/  ‘wise’(fem.)

‘winter season’



Lateral + /y/


‘(may) take’(

Stop + /w/








‘exchange of daughters in 








Fricative + /w/









‘wish, desire’






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