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‘without price’



 Medial clusters

Two consonants:

Mostly the clusters in the medial position are formed by the combination of morphemes. As stated above there are some restrictions on the clusters of two consonants in the medial position but still their occurrence is more frequent than other clusters.



















‘cause to cut’(imp.)






‘to drink to the full’






‘a group of people’


/dbto/  ‘pressing’



‘a kind of curtain (used to  

protect the house from the







 ‘to find’



‘negro’(a black person)





/bbano/  ‘make noise, attack’






‘an instrument used to
 break the stones’



‘to cause to press’









 ‘how much, how many’


/kto/  ‘to spin’


















‘leaves etc.(used on the 

floor to soften the 

place for sleeping)’



 ‘to stammer’



‘handful (of grass)














/xrido/  ‘to buy’


/lds/  ‘will load’












‘cause to tie’




/-k-/ ’

/cUţki/  ‘snapping of the fingers










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