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6.4. Numeral Adverb
       The adverb ke:p meaning ‘time’ when added to the numerals, expresses the sense of ‘once, twice, thrice’, etc.
ondke:p ‘once, one time’
renke:pk ‘twice, two times’
mu:n ke:pk ‘three, three times’
na:luke:pk ‘four times’, etc.
       The final -k of the form ke:pk occurring with the numerals could be connected to non-masculine plural suffix -k.
       The emphatic particle -e: plus the verbal participle form a:si: of the auxiliary verb a:y ‘to become’ when added to the numeral ond ‘one’ expresses the idea of togetherness.
ma: ond-e:-a:si:      mantorom
we one-emphatic-having become live
‘we live together’
wo:r ond-e: -a:si      pa:a: o:ttur
they one-emphatic-having become song carried
‘they sung together’
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