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G.V.Natarajan DSV Type
       In the clause of dative-subject-verb type, the verb is a ‘feeling’ verb.
na:k kar wa:t
‘I feel hungry’ (literally, hunger came to me)

pe:ko:rkun girda: wa:t
‘boy felt happy’ (literally, happiness came to boys)

ta:nk pun a:t
‘she felt hurt, she is wounded’ (literally, wound came to her)
10.1.2. Word Order
       In the clause types mentioned above, word order is not changed in normal speech. But there are instances where the change of word order is noticed in the clause type of SOV and in SO2O1V.
nanna: pani: titta:n ‘I ate fruit’
  S        O       V
pani: nanna: titta:n
  O         S       V
ad ni:kun pasiya: hi:t ‘she gave you money’
  S  O2    O1   V
ni:kun ad pasiya: hi:t
  O2     S    O1    V
ni:kun pasiya: ad hi:t
  O2     O1    S    V
pasiya: ni:kiun ad hi:t
    O1       O2     S     V
10.1.3. Deletion Sujbect Deletion
       Subject is delected in imperative clauses in the clause SV, SOV, SO2O1V and SOCV types.
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