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8.3. adne:na: ‘because’
       It gives cause or reason for the first event.
ma:ne:dun bara: uwa:l tinta adene:na: paka:y
men the also tiger eats because many

na:hk le:du:
villages deserted

‘tigers eat men also because of that many villages were deserted’
8.4. mate: ‘but’
       It occurs after the main sentence when some negative modification is made for the first event.
ad aga: mata: mate: turte: hanji: mata:
that there was but soon having gone was

‘it was there but soon went away’
8.5. ba: ‘or’
       It is used when two sentences are disjoined.
heregure: bade: be:re:r manta: ba: sirap cuwa: manta:
nearby any stream is or only well is

‘is there any stream nearby or only a well’

da:ugo: bai:ta: ba: lo:ta:
liquor shop of or house of

‘whether the liquor is from the shop or from the house?’
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