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       This section deals with words grouped by their function as coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. They do not occur independently unlike nouns and verbs.
Coordinating Conjunctive Particles:
       These connect two independent clauses or sentences by such meaning relationship ad ‘and, but, therefore, or’, etc.
8.1. aru: ‘and’
       Two ro more independent sentence can be combined by this particle if they have identical subjects in identical tense. This particle can occur any number of times in producing sentences of infinite length.
(a) ko:nda: hawkinto:r aru: hawi ga:o:sa tinto:r
bulls kill and meat food with eat

‘(they) kill bulls and eat the meat with food’
(b) pul nam citra:l udt aru: kabra:ldun ke:t
bridge middle Citral sat and Kabral the asked

‘Citral sat in the middle of the bridge and åsked Kabral’
(c) sika:ri wa:tur aru: wo:r uwa:ldun pa:ya:nka:je: wa wagtur
hunter came and he tiger the catch for net spread

‘the hunter came and spread the net to catch the tiger’
8.2. aske: ‘then’
       It occurs after the main sentence with the completion of the final event.
(a) pilla: pe:ka:l marmi kiya:na: la:yk
girl boy marriage to do eligible

a:yinto:r aske: marimina: wica:r
become than marriage of thought

kiya:na: a:yinta:
to do happens

‘when boy and girl become eligible for marriage then arrangements take place’ ‘for their marriage’
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