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(v)    Short replies
ave a:ru ? 'who is he/she/it'
ma:nu 'deer'
boi 'Belli'
be:ra 'Byra'
be:re pa:lu kuikinjano: ?  
tanne 'yes'
ka:i 'no'
ni:yu    ippo    pireku    po: ?
  1        2         3         4
'Now,    you    go    home'
  2         1      4        3
eri 'yes'
a:ga 'no'
eneyi 'assertion'
a:e 'alright'
8.2    Phrases
In this section on Yerava phrases four types of phrases identified are further analyzed to identify their compnents and their function in the clauses. The four types of phrases thus identified are:
1. Noune phrases
2. Adjective phrases
3. Adverb phrases
4. Verb phrases
All these four types of phrases are endocentric constructions.
8.2.1.    Noun phrases
A noun phrase consists of a logical grouping of words. The head of this grouping is a noun or a pro-noun. This group as a unit is substitutable for a noun in a clause. The components of this group can be grouped into two, depending upon their function within the phrase itself. They are head and attributes. In occurrence, head is an obligagtory element and attribute/s are optional elements.
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