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1.3.2 Racial Affinity

Regarding the racial affinity, the Yeravas are placed with "Kurumbas, Irulas, Paniyans and Kadirs, who are the South Indian cousins of the Kols and Gonds living on the Central High lands" by Holland (1901).


1.4 Subgroups

The 1901 Census only indicates the existance of 8 sections in Paniya Yeravas and 12 sections in Panjiri Yeravas. But it does not name a single section.

However, during the field work, the present investigator identified the following 21 subgroups in Paniya Yeravas and 28 subgroups in Panjiri Yeravas. It may be noted that members of the same subgroups do not intemarry.

The Panjiri Yeravas and Paniya Yeravas do not intermarry. But the presence of anjiliye subgroup in Paniya Yeravas and anjila subgroup in Panjiri Yeravas cannot be a coincidence. It indicates some relation that has taken place some time in their past.

1.4.1 Paniya Yerava sllbgroups
There are 21 groups in Paniya Yeravas. They are:
panegaiye cembaiye
kuvvaiye panjiyombe
iangue be:ngeriye
cuepaiye kambaa:e
boiyae mangaiye
cuyo:e kottaiye
te:vaiye tuverombe
kalleriye cokkambatti
abeliye pu:dire
anjiliye a:riliye
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