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Sam Mohan Lal
After the burial, one stone is erected on that spot for further identification of the area, thus, the different burial grounds will be having many such stones indicating the number of persons buried.
If the `koppe ku:re’ is far away from the village or due to unavoidable circumstances the dead body could not be transported to the concerned `koppe ku:re’, the corpse will be buried near the village of the deceased. In that case, next day without fail one stone is planted in the respective `koppe ku:re’ in the name of the deceased. Also, during the death anniversary day, garland and offerings are made only to this stone. The belief is that irrespective of the burial place of the deceased the spirit of the dead person has its abode in his respective `koppe ku:re’ only. Death Anniversary
Death anniversary ceremony is an important function among Uralis. Every year this ceremony along with a special `puja’ is performed without fail. According to Uralis, the ceremony connected to death anniversary has two functions namely,
i) to remember the dead
ii) to help the spirit of the dead to stay peacefully.
The general belief is that if death ceremony is not conducted, the spirit of the dead person is distracted and wanders without getting rest and that sometimes it may affect the family members also.
On the particular anniversary day, the relatives of the dead visit the temple with incense sticks, coconut, etc., and a special `puja’ is conducted in the name of the dead person. After that, the relatives go to the place where the particular person was buried and offer garland, rice and `dhal’. Incense sticks also are kept burning. Then, a feast is served at the house to which the relatives are invited. Every year this ceremony is conducted for the dead.
1.18. Belief
In addition to the belief of the existence of a supreme being `God’ who is controlling the whole universe in general and who looks after the welfare of the Uralis living in the hills, the Uralis have certain other beliefs also. Though the ancestral spirit worship is not found among the Uralis, they strongly believe that the spirit can possess and harass the society if due respect is not given to it through ceremonies, etc. No totemic symbols are prevalent among Uralis, but certain animals such as elephant, tiger and black monkey are considered to be auspicious. For example, it is a good omen for






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