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Sam Mohan Lal
Uralis if any one of the above mentioned animals are seen early in the morning or any time they plan to start construction work, etc.
Uralis believe that the cry of an owl and `kakui’ (a variety of bird which is seen at dusk) are considered to be bad omen and it is an indication of a death in the family. Similarly the cry of a cat at the time of mating is related to the forthcoming death of an infant in the family. Snake crossing in front of a person brings bad to that person.
In the past, milking was prohibited on Mondays. According to the legend the cow was born on a Monday and as a mark of respect to the birth day of the cow, the tribals were not milking the cows on Mondays. Even now in some of the orthodox families they strictly adhere to this belief.
Viewing a shooting star is believed to be an indication of a death or catastrophe to the society. Earth is always equated tot he `mother’. According to the tribals, sun is the supreme power controlling the other heavenly bodies such as moon, stars, etc.
A man possessed of evil spirits is much feared by Uralis. Those who are in control of such evil spirit are also much feared. For example, the general belief is that the Kurumbars control evil spirit and are capable of giving trouble to their enemies through these spirits. As a result of this belief Uralis are very much reluctant to move freely with Kurumbars.
1.18.1. Casting of Evil Eye
Children are given a black mark of charcoal paste on the face. Fertile lands and newly built houses have an ugly face made of hay and old cloth is permanently hung on it. The belief is that the presence of such an odd mark of figure in a beautiful place can avoid the casting of evil eyes.
1.19. Impact of Modern Civilization
Both cultural and linguistic diffusion which have taken place in the social and linguistic structure of the tribal culture and language respectively are the result of the impact of the modern civilization from the plains. This diffusion is easily seen if one compares the life and social structure of Uralis in the past times with that of present day life.
Uralis in the past were very much independent and lived on their own. But, recently various government agencies have on the one hand made them dependent, and on the other made their life more confortable by providing them with modern amenities such as transport, roads, electricity and modern dwelling units. As a result of this every Urali is perforce involved himself in the co-operative societies. The decision of the co-operative society is the one which contributes to the economy of the Urali family.






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