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Sam Mohan Lal
The person who conducts the ceremony is distinguishable from the others by a special kind of dress he wears. The `pujari’ who is also a Urali tribesman, will be seen with a white dhoti, turban and two long pieces of red cloth tied around his waist and mouth.
1.8.8. Personal Adornment
During festivals both men and women are seen with different colourful pieces of decorative materials covering all over their body, in addition to their new or washed dress. If it is a marriage ceremony, the number of ornaments worn by both the bride and the bridegroom are comparatively more than the ones worn by other kinsmen.
Men wear ear rings, different types of chains on their neck made up of colourful beads and ornaments on their fingers.
Following are some of the ornaments used by women :
Name in Urali English
mu:kkutti `nose stud’
ka:do:la `ear stud’
kattu ceyin `necklace’
netti pou `a kind of ornament which covers the centre line of the head’
vaayal `bangle’
mo:dira `ring’
da:bbu `ornament tied around the waist’
miccu `toe-ring’
ka:l ceyin/dae `anklet’






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