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Vowels :


Vowels occur freely in all positions.


The mid vowels do not occur in syllables ending in a nasal. 

Consonants :


The bilabial and velar stops and nasals occur freely in all positions. None of the other consonants occur before a pause. /l/ has been observed to occur in final position in borrowed words.


The feature apposition voice and voiceless ness is neutralized before a pause (Ref. Here the voiced and voiceless stops share the same allophone, i.e., the voiceless unreleased variety (Phonological conditioning is given in

/ kwįg / [kwįk’] `dog’
/ kwįgwčlą/ [kwįgwčlą] `dogs’
/ kąb/ [kąp’] `bulbul’
/ kąbwčlą/ [kąbwčlą] `bulbuls’
/ pįpąp / [pįpąp’] `monk’
/ pįpąpluwą / [pįpąpluwą] `theist’
/ khlčyk /  [khlčyk’] `earth’
/khlčykbłmtapm/ [khlčykbłmtapm] `beetle’
/ hįdig /  [hįdik’] `cobra’
/ hįdigc/



Distribution of Clusters :
For the distribution, clusters that occur in a monomorphemic word as well as clusters that occur across morphemic boundaries in polymorphemic and compound words are considered. Under the second type, all word initial clusters occur word medially. 
Vowel Clusters :
The occurrence of vowel clusters is rare and does not follow any apparent pattern. The vowel clusters do not occur in word-initial positions. The following clusters have been observed.

/metō / `bud’
/ mi/ `tender’
/ hiuwa / `sweat’
/ kat agrāyg / `lizard’
/ tįm / `ashgourd’
/ th iy/  `soldier ant’
/ pyaą / `robin’
/ pyaõ / `blacknest swiftlet’
/ thįą / `(he) eats’
/ tįphraą/

Consonant Clusters :

(i) Geminated Consonants are not permitted in the language. If, however, homorganic consonants occur across morphemic boundaries, a





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