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  descriptive of a
  (i) head massage
  (ii) kick
  (iii) kiss
  opi cüshe cici pi-e
  ‘(somebody massaged (the) head ci#ci#....’
  a-no pfoyi mosü cici pte
  ‘I kicked him cici.....’
  a-no lopüiyi macü ci#ci# pi-e
  ‘I kissed her cici


  descriptive of the sound of kissing
  ahikho-no ahiayi macü pfüpfü-pi-e
  ‘Athikho kissed Athia pfüpfü’


Many, perhaps most, of the following linguistic amenities, conveyances serve a phatic function. They mark phatic communion, social solidarity. Nearly all of them are set expressions, as may be expected, the word ‘nearly’ accounting for the second below :


 kralo-e  __ ‘thanks’
  kralo shu-e __ ‘thanks very much’


A kind of social greeting is to ask a question which is rhetorical rather than earnest about
what the listener is in fact doing. Such a greeting traverse interpersonal, and, what is more
interesting (from the viewpoint of some other cultures), unfamiliar space, breaks social ice and opens a dialogue.
1.  vu - a/e - o ‘coming ?’
2. vu - i - o ‘already came ?’
3.  bu - i - o ‘sitting ?’
4.  bu - i/-ri - o ‘being ?’
5.  pra - o/pra le he - o ‘going up ?’
6.  ta - o ‘going ?’
7.  to - co - o ‘eating ?’
8. ari - core - o ‘being busy ?’
III  adi - tao  
    ‘where are you going?’
  adi le  
IV  (ni) zhü -o bu - da ‘wish you well’



lit. ‘you be well’






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