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27. forest
28. khè hand
29. m body
30. bone
31. mhìk eye
32. mhà face
33. meat
34. tón forehead
35. p mouth
36. lòp grave
37. tsó leg
38. ph)ì thigh
39. h tooth
40. f skin
41. món soul
42. c water
43. salt
44. s cloth
45. kym needle
46. khá drum
47. tshò spear
48. house
49. field
50. leaf
51. rhó boat
52. th thousand
53. cà tomorrow
54. kùm season
55. bow
56. stone
57. r enemy
58. money
  Gender :
  Gender in Lotha is based on the natural distinction of sex and therefore it is applied only to the animate nouns, hence it is non-linguistic. Gender of animate nouns is marked morphologically except some kinship terms which are absolute forms.
Nouns in Lotha can broadly be divided into two groups i.e. Animate and Inanimate. Animate group can further be divided into Human and Non-human. These human and non-human groups have three-way opposition for gender i.e., Masculine, Feminine and Common. Gender denotes the group of nouns which are neither to sex. This grolup is mostly restricted to the non-human nouns.
Lotha gender system can be represented graphically as follows :
  m-                      n-        

  ®póy                  ®lóy              °N                °kyù








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