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9. Final syllable of the durative aspect marker i.e. vn is deleted when followed by the past tense marker -chò, as

  ® f / -chò
pá + vn + c
hò > pávnchò (he) was sleeping

10. Present tense forms of the verbs ending in ¡là, ¡là is deleted when proceeded by a negative prefix -n as

là ® f / n


- là > nts I do not eat

11. Final syllable of an adjective is deleted before a noun forming suffix -ù, as

  ® f / - ù


cà ‘deep’ > c-ù deepness or depth
à ‘dry’ -ù dryness

12. Final syllable of a noun is deleted before a noun forming suffix-th

rì  ® f / th


órì + th > nhóth

2. Deletion of a consonant

1. Final consonant of an adjective mhm is deleted before a predicative marker -n, as

m ® f
/ -n


mhm > mh
-n good
th  cá mhn flowers (are) good
  Morphology: Noun
  3.1. Introduction
  Morphology deals with the internal structure of words. It deals with both derivational and inflectional aspects of words. On the basis of a potential pause a word is defined as1 "Any segment of a sentence bounded by successive points at which pausing is possible". Since, speakers do not in normal speech pause between words, they will have to be asked to realize the potential pauses. Semantic definition of a word is as follows2, "A word may be defined as the union of a particular meaning with a particular grammatical employment". Hall3 defines a word as "A separate independent element of Language and as one which is written with a space before and after it".
  3.1.1. Definition of word in Lotha :

In Lotha, a simple word can be defined as one which is pronounced with a potential pause before and after it. A word must contain at least one stem which is a free form. A stem in Lotha can be defined as one which is a free form and is capable of taking inflectional or derivational affixes. In Lotha, a stem by itself can be a word. For example, form like ó ‘brother’ is a

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2. Lyons, John. Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics Cambridge University Press, 1969, pp. 200.
3. Hall, Robert. A. Jr. Introductory Linguistics. Motilal Banarasidas, First Indian Edition 1969, pp. 133.







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