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Lotha does not have three consonant clusters in monosyllabic words. These clusters occur mostly in disyllabic, trisyllabic and polysyllabic words. Three consonant clusters are found in the initial position in trisyllabic and polysyllabic words and medially in disyllabic words. However, the frequency of occurrence of three consonant clusters is very limited. Comparatively it has more occurrence in the medial position than in the initial positon.

  Polysyllabic words:

These are classified into three groups on the basis of the number of syllables occurring in the words. These types are as follows :-

  1. Four syllable words
2. Five syllable words
3. Six syllable words

  Examples of four syllable words :-

1. pnópns fly
2. plsáphn bed sheet
3. phzphnf frying pan
4. phkócónsáán partiality
5. tmtsmótsì ancestors
6. kh gambling
7. chk to pulverize


In the four syllable type the common pattern is either -

vcvccvcv or cvcvcvccv


Examples of five syllable words are as follows :-

1. kthsnácò sometimes
2. mssp glow worm
3. mckméryà  permanent
4. ntl afternoon
5. ñmsáñmr¡kù to insult
6. ckhpnsnrì shoe maker
7. pyázt aeroplane
8. rántránrì clerk

  Examples of six syllable words :-

Words having six syllables are very rare, however, few examples are given here.

  1. msáìcátò        Monday
2. mscntó     Wednesday

  Consonant clusters - General remarks 


A sequence of two identical or non-identical sound is called cluster. In Lotha, there are sequences of vowels but not of identical vowels. Among consonants also identical clusters are not found. Vowel clusters were discussed earlier, here only consonant clusters are discussed. In consonant clusters different combinations are possible.

Lotha has clusters of two consonants as well as three consonants. Four consonant clusters do not occur in Lotha. Consonant clusters occur only in the initial and medial positions. Two and three consonant clusters occur both in the initial and medial positions but the occurrence of three consonant clusters is very limited in both initial and medial positions. These clusters do not occur in the monosyllabic words. They occur mostly in disyllabic and polysyllabic words. Clusters have high frequency of occurrence in the medial position than in the initial position. Among consonants nasals occur more frequently as the first member of the cluster.

  Initial two consonant clusters :

In the Initial two consonant clusters the following consonants occur as the first member of the cluster.

p, ph, t, th, k, kh, m, n, nh,








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