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    la anithithe ajok laan coji
    ‘because he is not angry, he will eat the meal’
     la aniaroklaapot la an coji
     la aniaroklaajok la an coji
    ‘because he is happy, he will eat the meal’
     ne pran mechen ajok ne valo
    ‘because I am well, I came’
    la ladak vavelo athe la bajar damtalo
    ‘he will not come here because he has gone to the market’



1. ne-tum aroņ

Our Village

ne-tum aro amen thecho teraaro
our village name Tesso terang arong.
labacho aro niha anat prilu aro
this village east side prilu be arong.
nici anat jekha ropi aro. nirep anat thecho
west side Jenka rongpi arong. north side Tesso
roha aro lapen nitur anat thecho bil teron
roughang arong and south side Tesso bil teron
aro. ne-tum aro keche-ta pini-pen
arong. our village begin-finish

thomkepbak do-lo.
aro adon
about year
 thirty is-past.
village family
non don
amonit armo pharo
now family
 people in hundred
kethom do.
ne-tum aro
el pi
chkul i-hum
three is.

our village

L. P.


school one-cl.

lapen klap i-hum do.
ochomar atum
and club one-cl is.
chkul dun-ver.
school go-always.

1. Our Village

The name of our village is Tesso tera arong. The east side of it is Prily be arong. In the west side of Jenka rongpi arong. In the north side is Tesso ronghang arong and in the south side is Tesso bil teron arong. Our village was established about thirty years ago. The number of houses in the village is three hundred. There is a L.P. School and a club in our village. All the children go to school regularly.

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