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Contraction Verb Phrase
There is a growing tendency in Hmar to have contracted verb forms. Generally negative auxiliary and future auxiliary get fused.
For example,
/fè: n: dí kà nìh/ > /fè: n: ká tìh/  ‘I will not go’
/díìn/ > /di:n/ ‘for’
A kernel sentence in Hmar is just a combination of an NP in the subject slot and a VP in the predicate slot. The NP generally precedes as shown below.
It is interesting to note that even when there is a noun in the subject slot a personal pronoun representing the noun occurs as a member constituent of the VP. In the above example although there is a noun /náup/ ‘child’ in the subject slot a personal pronoun /a/ ‘he’ occurs at the beginning of the VP making thereby a repetition of the subject. A few more examples may be seen :
1. Subject + Verb
2. Inserting auxiliaries :
This /a/ can even occur optionally at the end of the VP. This, of course, is not obligatory when there is a 1st p or 2nd p pronoun in the subject NP. In other words, 1st and 2nd personal pronouns do not necessarily show such repetitive occurrence.







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