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// and /a/ do not occur as a second member with any vowel; however these can occur as first member with some vowels.


/I/ does not occur as first member in the vowel sequence.



Two similar vowels with one difference in height such as /iI/, /Ie/, /a/, /uU/ and /Uo/ do not form vowel sequence in any of the two orders except the order of /-eI-/ sequence in a limited sense.

Vowel sequences are shown on the chart and the examples are also given.

Initial sequences



 ‘the whole in a box’


‘please come’ (II


/ao/  ‘come’ (



‘come’ (

Medial sequences


/piũgo/ ‘shall drink’ (Ip. sg. mas )



‘wet (imp.)’





 ‘shall drench’ (















/laIri/  ‘a cow or buffalo which

has recently given birth’





/jaIye/  ‘(please) go (



 ‘some lady’





‘some man’





/cuIyã ‘she rats’

 Final sequences



 ‘may drink’ (


/pio/  ‘drink’(












/peo/  ‘fall’(







‘tin plate’












‘some kind of marks on the body’


/kae/  ‘sone one’(fem.)


‘O’ cow’


/cao/  ‘lift’(














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