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18. a?e joru  moyon  gai  au-gi - a - ?e  
  he must  one  cow bring  cop-PT
‘He must bring a cow’
19. aiŋ  joru hiju - a - iŋ
  I must come-cop-PT

‘I must come’

4.2.6.  Nonfinite verb :
The form of the verb which is limited by the person, tense, and number of the subject is finite verb. The form of the verb
which is not limited by person, number and tense is non-finite or infinitive. So, the former may be said as a complete
verb and the latter as a incomplete verb. However, in Bhumij, the person is marked with the infinitive marker sometimes

in the subordinate clause.


The non-finite verbs may be divided into infinitive, conditional and temporal.   Infinitive : Infinitive, in Bhumij, shows tense and voice. The verb itself functions as infinitive. In some cases, -

naten is sued as infinitive marker as shown below :

jom naten ‘to eat’  
du?p  naten  ‘to sit’  
da?a  au naten  ‘to bring water’
1.  aiŋ  jom  mon-e-a
  I eat want-cop
‘I want to eat’
2. a?e  jom mon-e-a
  he eat want-cop
‘He wants to eat’
3. a?e nu?u mon-e-a
  She  drink  
‘She wants to drink’
4. a?e  seno  haya-wa
  he  go  like
‘He likes to go’
5.  a?e  hai  jom  mon-e-a
  he  fish  eat want
‘He wants to eat fish’
6. a?e  baba ir  mon-e-a
  She  paddy reap  
‘She wants to reap paddy’
7.  ramo  kamite sen-len-a
  Rama work go-tense-cop
‘Rama went to work’
8 . aiŋ aiŋ-a  ate om-naten  sen-a-iŋ
  I I-case house  eat-inf.  go-cop-PT  

‘I go to my house to eat’

9.  aiŋ  gaa-te reaan - naten  sen - a - iŋ
  I  river-case bath - inf.  go-cop-PT
‘I go to river to take bath’
10.  ra:ja-te  meri  suku-o-leka  horwa  
  king-case  Mary love to  beseem.
‘Mary seems to be loved by the King’  Conditional :
The conditions aor statements of both subordinate clause and main clause are dependent on each other. One condtion may be the consequence of the other condition. The conditional clause which is represented by the subordinate clause in the sentence states about the dependence of one circumstance on another circumstance.
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