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       The adjectives are a class of words primarily identifiable by their syntatic function as attributes to the following nouns. The adjectives are either monomorphemic or complex.
5.1. Monomorphemic Adjectives
       Monomorphemic adjectives consist of words unanalyable into constituent morphemes. Included in this class are:
(a) Demonstrative adjectives,
(b) Numeral adjectives and
(c) Qualitative adjectives.
5.1.1. Demonstrative Adjectives
       The demosntrative adjectives are: ad ‘that’ id ‘this’, ba:ta: ‘what’ and their respective plural forms, aw, iw and ba:ra:.
ad na:r ‘that viallage’
aw na:hk ‘those villages’
id pilla: ‘this girl’
iw pilla: ‘these girls’
ba:ta: mara: ‘which tree’
ba:ra: lo:hk ‘which houses’
5.1.2. Numeral Adjectives
       In numeral there are free morphemes and bound morphemes. Free morphemes are the basic numerals which occur only with non-masculine nouns which occur only with non-masculine nouns and the bound morphemes occur before the suffix -war or -wir denoting masculine nouns.
ondi mara: ‘one tree’
oro:-war ma:ne: ‘one man’
ren· pilla: ‘two girls’
iru-wir pe:ko:r ‘two boys’
mu:n nayk ‘three dogs’
mu:-wir pe:ko:r ‘three boys’
na:lu na:hk ‘four villages’
na:l-wir pe:ko:r ‘four boys’
hay lo:hk ‘five houses’
ay-wir pe:ko:r ‘five boys’
a:ru a:sk ‘six women’
a:r-wir ma:ne:r ‘six men’
       Ordinals first, second, third, etc., are indicated by the morphemes munne:, irsa: and mucca: respectively.
munne: pe:ki: ‘first girl’
irsa: lo:n ‘second house’
mucca: mara: ‘third tree’
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