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 The Story of a Crab

      1. Once upon a time there was a crab. 2. One night he had a bad dream. 3. So he left his house and went out in search of another house. 4. A stone, seeing him walking said to him, "why do you walk in sorrow, come, the grandpapa will give you peace". 5. The crab then went with joy and made his hole underneath the stone and lived there. 6. Then he (the crab) saw a man coming down the stream from its source bailing out all the water and catching whatever he could find. 7. Seeing that the trembling crab cried to the stone, "grandpapa, please save me !". 8. Then the stone replied "look, the grandpapa is lying flat with face up ; how can I save you". 9. Then the man caught the poor crab and put it into a bamboo barrel and went back home with joy.

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