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6. Adverbs

     Adverbs also do not have any special marker as adjectives. But syntactically they form a class which modifies the verb.
     There are different kinds of adverbs discernible on the basis of their functions.
                      (i)        Adverb of manner :
                                 miloì                           ‘slowly’
                                 cua                            ‘beautifully’
                                 kaa                           ‘quickly’
                                 tàsi                              ‘loudly’
     This sub-class of adverbs can be preceded by the intensifier /kaa/ ‘very’.
                                 kaamiloì                     ‘very slowly’
                                 kaacua                      ‘very beautifully’
                                 kaakaa                     ‘very quickly’
                                 kaatàsi                        ‘very loudly’
                      (ii)       Adverb of time :
                                 tá                                ‘now’
                                 itáci                             ‘then’
                                 kuta                             ‘when’
                                 tàn                             ‘today’
                                 yási                                ‘yesterday’
                                 asu                               ‘tomorrow’ etc.
                      (iii)       Adverb of place :
                                 yái                                ‘here’
                                 yáci    ~    itakci            ‘there’
                                 kuuko                           ‘where?’ etc.





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