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1.6.3. Final two consonant clusters :

-?k mac?k ‘flatten’
-l? àl? ‘dirt’
-wk àwk ‘sweep’
-wt àwt ‘ashes’
-wn àwn ‘blow (as wind)’
-yp ayp ‘perch’
-yt ayt ‘enter’
1.6.4. Medial three consonant clusters :
-?k- ca?kep ‘twin’
-?nc- sa?nca?nu ‘lamb’
-wks- àwksa ‘frighten’
-wnm- àwnmenemc ‘spice’
-wl- àwlamla ‘fairy’
-yps- aypsi ‘fan’
-ytp- tásùyáytpa ‘courage’
-ynp- ààynpa ‘spinning’
1.6.5. Medial four consonant clusters :
                                  -tp-           ctpa           ‘smart’
1.7. Morphophonemics :
1.7.0. In this section the changes in the phonemic shape of morphemes which take place when combined with other morphemes are dealt with.
1.7.1. The loss of initial vowel :
       The prefix /a-/ of the verb which is not of the syllabic pattern CV is dropped when the verb is followed by a suffix.
apen ‘to bring’ pen-uko ‘had brought’
acem  ‘to drink’ cem-takca ‘let drink’
apu ‘to jump’ pu-a ‘if jumps’
     When the verb is of the syllabic pattern CV-the prefix vowel is dropped only when the verb is followed by a suffix beginning with a vowel.
au ‘to come’ u-w-uko ‘had come’
aci ‘to eat’ ci-w-uko ‘had eaten’
It is not dropped when the suffix begins with a consonant.
       ali                     ‘be’               ali-c                ‘will be’
There are, however, some exceptions to this rule.
       acem                 ‘to drink’        acempa             ‘drinking (verbal noun)’
1.7.3. Vowel Assimilation :
     While the combination of two morphemes of which the preceding is mono-syllabic results in a sequence of two non-identical vowels, the first is assimilated to the second vowel.
            te+imsaà ti+imsaàti-y-imsa         ‘do not melt’
            ma+imlaà mi+imlaàmi-y-imla        ‘not toexpect’
1.7.4. Insertion of Glide :
     When a morpheme ending in a vowel is followed by a morpheme beginning with a vowel, the semi-vowel /y/ or /w/ is inserted between them depending on whether the initial vowel of the following morpheme is front, central or back. That is, when the initial vowel of the following morpheme is /i, a/ the glide is /y/ and when the initial vowel is /u, o/ the glide is /w/.





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