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5.16    Verbs and the verbal suffixes
In this section, inflection of all the suffixes to an intransitive verb and a derived transitive verb is illustrated.
Intransitive   Derived transitive
ue ‘to break’ uex
ueyinje Pre. 1 uekinje
ueyinjo Pre. we uekinjo
ueyinje Pre. you (Sg) uekinje
ueyinjiri Pre. you (PI) uekinjiri
ueyijo Pre. he, it, uekinjo
ueyinjou Pre. she uekinjou
ueyinjoru Pre. those, these uekinjoru
ueve Fut. 1 uepe
uevo Fut.we uepo
ueve Fut. you (Sg) uepe
ueviri Fut. you (P1) uepiri
uegu Fut. he, it. ueku
uevou Fut. she uepou
uevoru Fut. those, these ueporu
ueyinjeka:i Non-past. Neg. uekinjekaii
uenje Past. I uece
uenjo Past, we ueco
uenje Past, you (Sg) uece
uenjiri Past, you (P1) ueciri
uenja Past, he, it. ueca
uenjau Past, she uecau
uenjaru Past, those, these uecaru
uevaka:i Past. Neg. uepaka:i
ue Imperative 1 ue
uemi Imperative 2 uemi
ueta Imperative 3 ueta
uetama Imperative 4 uetama
uegae Permissive uegae
uevo Hortative uepo
ueyinja Non-Past. Adj. Par uekinja
uenja Past. Adj. Par. ueca
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