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2.7.3  Three consonant clusters
The three consonant clusters are less in Yerava. The following types of three consonant clusters are identified.
-yng- puyngelari 'boiled rice'
-ymb- oymbadu 'nine'
-rnd- parndu 'eagle'
2.8   Syllabic pattern

The onset, peak and coda are three elements of a syllable in an Yerava word. The short or long vowel forms the peak of a syllable. The peak is an obligatory element of the syllable, and onset and coda are optional elements. The peak of the syllable may have a consonant or a consonant cluster as an onset or as a coda.


2.8.1   Types of syllables

There are three types of syllables. They are

Initial syllables

Medial syllables

Final syllables

In Yerava all the words end in a vowel. The initial and medial syllables can be further subgrouped into two types.

Open types

Close types

The final syllables are of only one type, viz., open type.

Initial syllables

There are fourteen types of initial syllables. Among them four are of open type, the rest ten are close type. They are V-, -,_CV-, C-, VC-, C-, VCC-, VCCC-, CC-, CVC-, CVCC-, CC-, CCC-, and CVCCC-
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