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1.2 Yerava groups
There are some discrepancies regarding the groups of Yeravas or types of Yeravas. Richter (1887), Krishna Iyer (1948) and Subbayya (1978) list four types of Yeravas in Kodagu district. They are Paniya, Panjiri, Kaag(j)i and Badava Yeravas. The 1871 Cencus lists two, Paniya and Panjiri, the 1881 Census aslo lists tow Paniya and Panjiri with eight and twelve exogamous sections respectively.
In order to find out the exact number of groups of Yeravas and their names and to collet information on them, the present investigator mad extensive tours of South Kodagu. He failed to locate a single Kaag(j)i Yerava. It seems that Kaag(j)i Yeravas are not there in the south Kodagu. Even if they are there their number should be very small. Similarly he could not locate the Badava Yeravas. But he found Panjiri yeravas being identified as Badava Yeravas by most of the Kodavas and identified as Panjiri Yeravas by self and by Paniya Yeravas. Hence, it may be said that Panjiri Yerava and Badava Yerava are synoymous.
So, in South Kodagu only two groups of Yeravas, Paniya and Panjiri are there. The investigator chose the Paniya Yerava for detailed study and at times and wherever necessary, information regarding language and ethnography of Panjiri Yeravas was also sought and provided in the dissertation.
1.2.1 Informants
The linguistic and ethnographic data for the present investigation is collected from the following informants.
Paniya Yerava: Sri Bolka 45 years Santapura
  Sri Kariya 55 years Santapura
  Sri Bera 45 years Santapura
  Sri Kaaku 40 years Kakuru
Panjiri Yerava: Sri Thirunada 55 years Chikkiri
  Sri Kashi 32 years Chikkiri
Only Sri Bolka and Sri Kashi are literates. All the informants know Kodagu and Kannada in addition to their 'tongue' and are from Srimangala Nad.
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