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Sam Mohan Lal
1.2.6 Forest
The types of forest attested to this area according to the classification of the Forest Types of India by Champion and Seth are,
i) Southern thorn forest
ii) Southern dry mixed deciduous forest
iii) Dry teak forest
iv) Southern moist mixed deciduous forest
v) Southern tropical semi-evergreen forest
vi) Southern sub-tropical hill forest, and,
vii) Dry tropical riparian fringing forest
1.2.7 Flora
To state some of the numerous flora available in this plateau :
Tamil   Botanical Name
: Dalbergia latifolia
: Ferronia limonia
: Flacourtia jonngomas
nanna:ri : Henidesmus indious
: Hesperethura crenulopa
: Jatropha wightiona
tumbai : Madhuca datifolia
malai ve:mbu : Melia dubia
kaRive:ppilai : Murraya konigili
: Nerium indicum
karunelli : Phyllanthus reticulata
te:kku : Tectona grandis
o:sipulla : Aristida depressa
tenai : schima iniermedia
eucalyptus : Eucalyptus
1.2.8 Fauna
Following are some of the animals common to this area in addition to the innumerable collection of birds and insects seen in most of the South Indian forests.
Elephant, tiger, panther, leopard cat, sloth, bear, gaur, black buck, deer, wild boar, wild dog, Indian giant squirrel, fruit bat, langur, slender loris, porcupine, stripe necked mongoose, reptilia, aquatic creatures etc.






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