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Sam Mohan Lal Restriction and Avoidance
There are certain rules which informally condition the kinship behaviour. For example, restriction is observed among a section of the family especially girls and women in sharing some of their physical problems. Menstruation and pregnancy are not discussed openly, rather, the details are discussed only among the families.
Avoidance in the behavioural pattern is also noticed. Among Uralis, mother-in-law shows a sort of avoidance towards her son-in-law and also an unmarried girl at the sight of her sister’s husband. Such avoidance never emits hatred, rather, it expresses respect towards the person. Sarcasm
Sarcastic usage of some terms are also often observed mainly among the young boys. The term peilavä `girls father’, is often used with sarcastic effect. Only indirect usage of this term is observed. Prospective batchelor boys sarcastically refer an old man who has one or more marriagable daughters as `Ra:mä peilava’ which means Raman’s would be father-in-law.
It means that, Rama the hero of the epic, would not have thought of having marriage affiliation with the daughter of that person.
1.13. Political Organization
At present, there is no territorial organization exclusively earmarked to different Urali villages. In spite of this, law and order among the ethnic communities are maintained.
It is understood that in ancient times two or more contiguous tribal hamlets were having a regional organization which controlled the forest territory belonging to a particular village. The trespassers from the other village into the next territory without valid permission from the village head man are liable to apprehension. Due to the strict rules enforced by the government against land acquisition and destruction of forest, the tribes at present do not have any demarcated boundary in the forest other than their dwelling places and the agricultural land. The existence of such rules and regulations enforced by government appears to have had an impact on the tribal culture resulting in the non functioning or the total extinction of the organization.
However, even now the organization at the village level is very much in existence. The main function of the organization is to enforce law and order in the village. An old, experienced man of good character is appointed by the kins men to act as a gottäi or u:ru gvüe `head man’ till this death. There is no election involved in the appointment. Three or four people also may be designated to help the head man in discharging his duties. Almost every matter is settled at the village level only. Very serious cases such as murder etc., will be referred to the government appointed law enforcing authorities. That kind of happenings are seldom.






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